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Tiny House Victoria

If you're on the hunt for a tiny home in Victoria, check out Chill Mobile Apartments. Our charming and compact tiny houses are the perfect solution for downsizing or simplifying your life. With our efficient use of space, we offer all necessary home amenities in a cosy, comfortable package.

At Chill Mobile Apartments, we aim to provide quality housing options while fostering a welcoming community for residents. Experience the satisfaction of living in a tiny house and join the growing movement towards simplicity and sustainability. Visit Chill Mobile Apartments today and discover how our team is transforming the way we think about home living.

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Why Choose Chill Mobile Apartments for Your Custom-Built Tiny Homes

Choosing Chill Mobile Apartments for your custom-built tiny home lets you discover the ideal living space that suits your lifestyle and needs. Our team is dedicated to developing low-cost solutions that free you from the confines of traditional mortgages and property ownership. With our comprehensive experience in constructing tiny homes, we guarantee a comfortable living space for you in Victoria. We are proud of our dedicated staff and their strong attention to detail in turning your dream tiny house ideas into a reality. You can trust that our team has the expertise you need to design and build a tiny house you'll love for years.

Downsize in Style

Experience financial freedom with Chill Mobile Apartments in Victoria! We're excited to launch 20 limited-edition mobile modules, without any wait times. After more than five years of development, we bring you a brand-new style of living, offering affordable, spacious, and custom-designed building plans with carefully selected furniture.

Our transportable and relocatable mobile modules require no council construction approvals. Please note- it's always wise to check with your council as regulations may vary. For inquiries, call our friendly team today at 0437 770 233. Don't wait; we're now accepting orders with no delays whatsoever!

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Industry-Leading Space Efficiency

At Chill Mobile Apartments, we take pride in providing the most efficient use of space in our tiny homes. Our industry-leading cabin designs allow for optimal use of each square inch, ensuring that every corner counts. Our tiny homes in Victoria feature a comfortable bedroom and a fully equipped bathroom, all while maintaining a spacious feel. With a carefully crafted layout, each door and window has been strategically placed to maximise both natural light and privacy.

Our comprehensive range of tiny home features include:

Two fully transformable bedrooms in the one unit
Full-size bathroom with bathtub & transformable shower
Two drop-down decks to create an extra outdoor living space
Full-size spacious kitchen that would suit a five-bedroom home
High ceilings, 2.5m or 2.7m high

Discuss Your Custom-Built Tiny Home Requirements With Us

We're a team of dedicated experts creating innovative and stunning tiny homes in Victoria and across Melbourne. We prioritise superior customer service, working closely with you to meet your unique requirements. From optimising space to enhancing the beauty of your new home, we tirelessly strive to exceed your expectations with our exceptional tiny home solutions.

Mobile Modules

Our luxury mobile modules are the top choice for enthusiasts of most tiny houses. Our tiny homes offer affordability, efficient use of space, and exceptional quality. Each component is carefully designed and customised to suit every living space, providing a unique and personalised experience for our customers. Additionally, our modules can be easily relocated to accommodate different needs and preferences.

Versatile Living Solutions

Our tiny home on wheels offers unmatched versatility and mobility, granting you the freedom to live wherever you desire—by the beach, in the rainforest, among mountains, or anywhere else. Experience the benefits of this unique living solution, tailored to suit your unique lifestyle.

Design Your Ideal Victoria Tiny House With Our Expert Builders Today

Our expert builders are ready to help you design your ideal Victoria tiny house from start to finish. While the thought of living in a tiny house may seem daunting, trust us when we say it's a trend that's here to stay. With our thoughtful and practical building methods, we'll ensure that your Victoria tiny house feels both spacious and cosy.

Our team is more than excited to guide you through the rewarding process of creating a tiny yet convenient space that perfectly fits your budget and home living preferences. Don't hesitate; join the tiny house revolution in Victoria with Chill Mobile Apartments today!

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Let’s Get Started

Kickstart your downsizing journey by reaching out to Chill Mobile Apartments at 0437 770 233 right away. We've got 20 exclusive modules coming to you in Victoria, with pre-order options already available! Embrace unique and eco-friendly living with our top-notch tiny homes, meticulously crafted by our team. Fill out the form below and don't miss out on an exciting opportunity that awaits you!