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Tiny House Builders Australia

Welcome to Chill Mobile Apartments, where we revolutionize the world of tiny homes in Australia. Are you tired of the standard offerings saturating the property market? We've got something special for you. Our mobile modules are not only 40% larger than the competition, but they are also available at the same price as premier tiny homes.


What sets Chill Mobile Apartments apart?

Our mobile modules have no weight issues or limitations, and they provide an astounding 500% more storage space compared to other options available on the market. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organisation. But that's just the beginning. Chill Mobile Apartments feature the latest smart home technology, offering both on-grid and off-grid power options.

Our tiny houses are an affordable alternative to traditional housing for those seeking a simpler and more fulfilling lifestyle. Our mobile modules provide all the comforts of home, including kitchenettes, bathroom facilities, and plenty of space to customise with furniture and art. Plus, they can be up and running within days!

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Our Process

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Built to be yours from the ground up

Chill Mobile Apartments are custom-crafted to fit your lifestyle. As experienced tiny house builders, we wanted to create a simple setup that could be customised to suit anyone's needs. Start with a core mobile module and customise the size and ceiling height to suit your tastes. Then choose your customisation options and we'll design a modular tiny house that meets your needs.

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A wide range of customisation options

Imagine stepping into a tiny home with two fully transformable bedrooms in one unit. Need some relaxation? Our full-size bathroom comes complete with a bathtub and transformable shower. Enjoy the outdoors? We've got you covered with two drop-down decks, creating an additional outdoor living space. And for those who love to cook, our full-size spacious kitchen rivals that of a five-bedroom home. With up to 2.7-meter-high ceilings, you'll never feel cramped in our mobile modules.

Make the most of your space

Our meticulous design ensures that every square meter of floor space is utilized effectively and resourcefully. No wasted corners or inefficient layouts here. These clever, transformable, and relocatable mobile modules are the epitome of spatial efficiency.

Choose from three lengths: 12.1m, 13.7m, and 14.9m. Our mobile modules are equipped with wheels, allowing them to be designed to suit the requirements of any location in Australia. Simply let our team know where you plan to relocate, and we'll make sure your home is where you park it.

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Experienced tiny home builders and designers

We've partnered with the tiny home builders and designers at Distilled Design to bring our customers the latest in modern tiny homes. With the help of an extensive list of connections in the construction industry and a team of talented tradies, we can deliver incredible Aussie tiny houses for customers all across the country.

If you're looking at building your own tiny home, discuss your needs with our team today. We'll help you work out exactly what you need and help you turn your tiny house dream into a reality. Get in touch with us online or give us a call today.

Join the tiny house movement! Contact us today to learn more about our mobile modules, customisation options, and how we can make your vision come true. Buy a tiny home with chill mobile apartments.

Move to where you feel at home

Experience unparalleled versatility and mobility with a tiny home on wheels. Whether you crave the beach, the rainforest, the mountains, or any other location, our mobile modules offer the freedom to live wherever you desire. No longer tied down to a specific location, you can embark on new adventures and embrace a lifestyle of your choosing.

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Buy tiny homes Australia

With so many Australians moving into tiny homes, there's never been a better time ot get your own. At Chill Mobile Apartments, we're redefining tiny home living in Australia. Don't settle for less when you can have more. Get in touch with our team today and discover the endless possibilities of our spacious, innovative, and transformative mobile modules. Your dream home on wheels awaits.