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About the Team

This project came about due to the housing crises I faced with all the men I work with. Living in flood has its challenges and I believe with this concept I provide an incredibly awesome and functional solution to that very thing.

It’s also an affordable option for younger people wanting to get into the housing market but has a very large client based due to its enormous mobile and flexibele capabilities to provide housing solutions fir environemantl refugiés we are all expecting to increase in the coming decades.

Single bedroom unit with bathroom only 100k plus gst,
Double bedroom unit with Bathroom only 120k plus gst
Triple bedroom unit with bathroom only 140k plus gst
Full livable mobile apartment 1/2 bedroom 180k plus gst
3-5 bedroom unit including full livable unit included full kitchen and two bathrooms are 300k plus gst
We have also designed a 2 bedroom fully functional unit. No pricing on that yet, but likely to be around the 200k plus gst mark
Double glazed glad for highest energy ratings are used in all our units.