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Mobile Granny Flats Northern Rivers

Are you in need of additional living space or accommodations but don't want to go through the hassle of a major renovation? Look no further than Chill Mobile Apartments, your one-stop shop for mobile granny flats in the Northern Rivers area.
Our professional granny flat builders will collaborate closely with you throughout the entire process. We will ensure that your new tiny home is custom-made to suit your specific requirements.

Our relocatable homes are not only functional but also exude elegance, granting you the freedom to adjust your living arrangements as needed.
Don't allow the fear of a complex build to hold you back; our friendly team will facilitate a seamless and stress-free process. You can depend on us to provide guidance at every step and promptly address any concerns you may encounter along the way!


What Makes Chill Mobile Apartments Different?

Finding a new home can feel overwhelming, but Chill Mobile Apartments is dedicated to simplifying the process for you. We stand out in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales with our unique selection of granny flats, tiny homes, and mobile apartments.

What sets us apart is not only our diverse selection of compact and cosy living spaces but also our unwavering commitment to exceptional service. At Chill Mobile Apartments, we prioritise providing an exceptional experience for our valued customers from beginning to end. Here's why working with us is a smart choice:

customised living spaces for your lifestyle

Customised Living Spaces for Your Lifestyle

Get your custom-designed granny flat in just three months. Picture your perfect living environment, tailored to your unique lifestyle and preferences. Also, our team works hard to guarantee that every aspect matches your standards. If you require something faster, we can have a unit ready in four weeks.

secure mobile

Sustainable and Secure Mobile Homes

Our Northern Rivers granny flats are an appealing option because they allow for off-grid living. These units have cutting-edge solar systems and top-tier security measures, delivering both comfort and peace of mind. By using our tiny homes, you can lessen your environmental impact while also protecting your living space.

eco friendly approach

Eco-Friendly Approach to Home Systems

We are dedicated to responsible waste management and eco-friendliness, which aligns perfectly with our move away from traditional blackwater systems. Moreover, our initiatives actively support the preservation of natural resources and the environment for generations to come.


Versatile Location Options With Mobile Granny Flats

Our mobile granny flats grant you the freedom to park in various locations, offering an unparalleled level of mobility and adventure. With a truck licence, your possibilities become limitless as you can transport your home to permitted locations of your choice.

Elevating Comfort and Versatility in Granny Flat Living

Deciding to expand your family home with a granny flat is an exciting journey. The building process is at the heart of this expansion, and you'll want your elderly loved ones to feel comfortable on your property.

This is where our team at Chill Mobile Apartments comes in.With years of experience and a fully licensed team, we pride ourselves on elevating the comfort and versatility of granny flat living.

Our services stand out by delivering never-before-seen features to granny flats. These features are as follows:

Two fully transformable bedrooms in the one-unit
Full-size bathroom with bathtub & transformable shower
Two drop-down decks to create an extra outdoor living space
Full-size spacious kitchen that would suit a five-bedroom home
High ceilings, 2.5m or 2.7m high
elevating comfort

Designing Your Dream Granny Flat With Unparalleled Spatial Efficiency

At Chill Mobile Apartments, we're committed to delivering excellence at every step of the building process, ensuring that your granny flat in the Northern Rivers is not only beautiful but also maximizes your available space.

Our mobile modules are cleverly designed to maximize floor space, setting a new standard for spatial efficiency. With three different lengths available (12.1 m, 13.7m, and 14.9 m), our mobile granny flats seamlessly integrate into any Australian property, providing you with a budget-friendly home extension.


Get a custom tiny house

Choose from a range of designs and personalise your tiny home to suit your needs. Our modules include transformable bedrooms, a full-size bathroom with a bathtub, and a spacious kitchen. Enjoy high ceilings and industry-leading space efficiency, maximizing every inch of your home's available space.

Call us today to discuss your needs with our team. We'll help you easily incorporate features such as transformable bedrooms and upgraded bathroom amenities, drop-down outdoor decking, and higher ceilings according to your needs and preferences.

Versatile Residential Tiny Homes

Our residential tiny homes are perfect for individuals and families looking to downsize or simplify their lives. They provide practical, flexible living spaces that are conveniently located with modern amenities. They are ideal for those seeking a streamlined lifestyle in the Northern Rivers.

Innovative Commercial Tiny Homes

Our commercial tiny homes provide innovative solutions for modern enterprises. They can be transformed into various spaces, including retail stores, mobile cafes, gyms, and worker accommodations, perfectly suited for properties in the region.

Accessible Tiny Homes for All

We offer housing solutions that promote independence and inclusivity. Our homes are tailored to individual needs, making them an ideal choice for individuals, including those supported by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Granny Flat and Home Extension Projects Completed on Time and Within Budget

At Chill Mobile Apartments, we take immense pride in delivering great service throughout the entire process. Our team is dedicated to guiding you seamlessly, ensuring that your project fulfills all your extension needs.

If you're seeking a convenient living space for your elderly relatives, look no further than our reliable granny flats!

extension projects completed

Trust Us to Supply the Best Mobile Granny Flats in Northern Rivers

If you're ready to extend your property, make the smart choice today. Contact us now and let us bring your dream mobile granny flat in the Northern Rivers to life. Experience unmatched quality, innovative design, and a world of possibilities.

Your dream granny flat is just a call away!