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Tiny House for Disabled Individuals

Chill Mobile Apartments is your destination for modular tiny homes designed specifically for disabled individuals. Whether you're looking to downsize or crave a cosy space to call your own, our customisable tiny homes are the perfect solution, tailored to meet the unique needs of disabled individuals. If you're in need of an accessible tiny house, discuss your needs with our team and we'll work with you to design a home that fits perfectly.

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Why Choose a Chill Mobile Apartments Tiny Home?

We understand that the process of finding the perfect tiny house can be overwhelming, especially if you have special needs. There is a diverse range of designs and layouts available, each with its own considerations. That's why we've made it our mission to simplify the process for you. Our modular designs are flexible and can be personalised to meet your specific accessibility requirements.

With a variety of options such as wheelchair-accessible ramps, handrails, and extra manoeuvrability space, we ensure that your tiny home is tailored to your needs. Let us assist you in creating the ideal accessible tiny home that suits your lifestyle and enhances your independence.

Maximising Space Efficiency and Comfort

At Chill Mobile Apartments, we believe in making the most of every inch of available space while prioritising your comfort. Our accessible tiny homes feature full-size bathrooms complete with accessible bathtubs and transformable showers, ensuring your bathing experience is both convenient and enjoyable.

Additionally, our innovative space-efficiency features allow our mobile modules to be 40% larger than a typical tiny house, without any increase in price. We offer high ceilings, creating a spacious and airy environment that promotes your well-being. Join the tiny house movement today and embrace low-impact living at its finest.

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tiny house for disabled individuals

Unmatched Features for Accessible Living

Our tiny homes redefine accessible living with never-before-seen features:

Two fully transformable bedrooms in the one unit
Full-size bathroom with bathtub & transformable shower
Two drop-down decks to create an extra outdoor living space
Full-size spacious kitchen that would suit a five-bedroom home
Up to 2.7-metre-high ceilings

At Chill Mobile Apartments, we have meticulously planned and built intelligent and adaptable tiny houses with mobile modules. Our homes are designed with great attention to detail, ensuring that every inch of floor space is utilised in the most efficient and resourceful way possible, resulting in exceptional spatial efficiency.

Available in three lengths (12.1m, 13.7m, and 14.9m), our mobile modules can be designed to suit the requirements of any location in Australia. Simply contact our team with your relocation plans, and wherever you choose to park, that's where home will be!

Customise Your Accessible Home with Ease

We understand that every individual has unique needs and preferences, which is why customization is key at Chill Mobile Apartments. Our modular tiny homes are not only spacious but also fully customizable. Whether you're looking for an off-grid unit or a multi-purpose home, we can incorporate features such as transformable bedrooms, upgraded bathroom amenities, drop-down outdoor decking, and higher ceilings to create a mobile dream home that suits your specific lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that we can help you get set up anywhere in Australia.

Contact our team today to start building your wheelchair-accessible tiny home.


Mobile Modules - Luxury in a Smaller Space

Our luxury mobile modules are thoughtfully designed with the latest in tiny living in mind. Enjoy all the comforts of home in a smaller, accessible space that has been carefully customised for maximum livability. Experience the freedom and mobility that our tiny homes on wheels provide, allowing you to live wherever your heart desires. Whether it's by the beach, in the rainforest, among the mountains, or anywhere else, our mobile homes offer unparalleled flexibility.

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Tiny Homes with Wheelchair Accessibility

At Chill Mobile Apartments, we firmly believe that comfortable living should be accessible to everyone, including individuals with mobility challenges. We are committed to providing options that cater to the needs of disabled individuals, including wheelchair ramps, handrails, and extra manoeuvrability space. Let our team know your situation, and we will work closely with you to create a mobile dream home that meets your specific accessibility requirements. Experience independent living without compromising on comfort or style. Discover the perfect tiny home for you and experience the joy of accessible tiny house living.