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Discover Relocatable Homes in Queensland

Experience a modern approach to housing with our modern and permit-free relocatable homes in Queensland. These cutting-edge residences are reshaping the landscape of sustainable living, providing a hassle-free housing alternative for those seeking simplicity and efficiency.
Our relocatable houses streamline the entire process, from design to relocation, offering a convenient housing solution.

With a 3-day permit for relocation using a prime mover, you can bypass the usual permits and Development Applications (DAs), making it a breeze to adopt a self-sufficient lifestyle.

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Why Choose Chill Mobile Apartments?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the tiny home movement and the building industry, selecting your dream home can sometimes cause too much trouble. Fortunately, our entire team can provide a simple method for you to customize your modular home, making the journey easier. 

At Chill Mobile Apartments, we prioritize maximizing space utilization. Our designs feature a full-size bathroom with a luxurious bathtub and drop-down decks that convert into a cozy outdoor living space. The spacious kitchen, akin to that of a five-bedroom home, ensures optimal functionality.

Our tiny houses embody innovation, showcasing thoughtfully designed spaces that not only minimize the environmental footprint but also provide exceptional comfort and style. Trust us to guide you into the world of easy customization and the pursuit of your own home!

Efficiency Meets Elegance

In the quest for a modern home, so many Australians are seeking a smoother building process that integrates innovation and design.

Our relocatable homes Queensland collection offers a range of never-before-seen tiny home features, combining efficiency and elegance that redefine the traditional building experience:

Two fully transformable bedrooms in the one unit
Full-size bathroom with bathtub & transformable shower
Two drop-down decks to create an extra outdoor living space
Full-size spacious kitchen that would suit a five-bedroom home
High ceilings, 2.5m or 2.7m high
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Industry-leading space efficiency

Chill Mobile Apartments has planned and built intelligent and adaptable relocatable homes with mobile modules. Our homes boast exceptional space efficiency with meticulous attention to detail in each floor area. The innovative design maximizes both creativity and efficiency.

Choose from three lengths (12.1m, 13.7m, and 14.9m) for our mobile modules. These modules, equipped with wheels, are customizable to meet the needs of any location throughout Australia including NSW, and Victoria.

Just contact our team and inform us of your relocation plans. Wherever you choose to park, that's where home will be!


Craft Your Dream Tiny Home Stress-Free

When it comes to the intricate details of building work for a relocatable home, we understand the desire for a seamless build process that reduces stress. That's why we offer the opportunity to create your beautiful tiny home with ease.

Call us today to start a conversation with our team. We're here to help you incorporate transformable bedrooms, upgraded bathroom amenities, drop-down outdoor decking, and higher ceilingsā€”customized to your unique needs and preferences. Building your dream tiny home has never been easier!

Mobile modules

Each of our mobile homes starts with a mobile house module, which can then be transformed to suit your lifestyle. It's everything you need to live in a smaller space without sacrificing comfort.

Our luxury mobile modules are designed with the latest tiny house living in mind. Get all the human comforts in a smaller space, carefully designed and customized for maximum livability.

Live wherever you want to

Unlock unparalleled freedom and mobility with our tiny homes on wheels. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves on the beach, surrounded by nature in the rainforest, or overlooking majestic mountains. With a tiny home in Brisbane, you can choose your ideal location and explore new horizons. It's no wonder so many Australians are choosing the tiny house lifestyle!

Accessible homes for all

To better accommodate our customers downsizing to smaller homes for easier maintenance, we want to ensure that those with accessibility requirements can fully utilize their new tiny house on wheels.

We offer a range of customization options specifically designed to support individuals with accessibility requirements.

Options include wheelchair ramps, handrails, extra space for maneuverability, lifting beds, and other features. Discuss your situation with our team, and we can help you create a new home that's completely suited to your needs.

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Get in Touch With Us About Our Stylish Tiny Homes QLD Collection

Our mobile tiny homes are your gateway to a whole new way of living in Queensland. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and convenience with Chill Mobile Apartments. Upgrade both your indoor and outdoor living spaces, turning your tiny home into a sanctuary that reflects your personality and passions.

Contact our team today to learn more and begin your tiny living adventure in Queensland!

Whether you're looking to spend more time on the sunny coast or are interested in heading into the countryside, whatever your tiny house dream is, we can help you reach it!