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Mobile Modules

For an affordable, spatially efficient and high-quality tiny home—you can’t go past our luxury mobile modules. Every component has been carefully designed and customised to suit each living space.

Versatile Living Solutions

With a tiny home on wheels, you can enjoy unparalleled versatility and mobility. Whether you want to live by the beach, rainforest, mountains or virtually anywhere else, a tiny home will give you that freedom.

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Bedroom Units

We have three sizes with two different heights internally.
2.5m wide (without the movable wall option) 42,45 & 48 ft versions. 2.5 or 2.7m high internal ceilings (curved). They come with two four meter long decks each that can be used to bridge between units making multiple units to be joined possible to creat larger homes.

Meet the Team

We are still officially in the R&D phase and we started this project just after the floods back in February last year. This phase is completed almost and we should be ready to start selling these units at the end of March or early April.

This project came about due to the housing crises I faced with all the men I work with. Living in flood has its challenges and I believe with this concept I provide an incredibly awesome and functional solution to that very thing.

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Let’s Get Started

Start your downsizing process today by getting in touch with Chill Mobile Apartments on 025 633 0112. We will have 20 limited-edition modules available in the Northern Rivers in January 2023 and we’re taking orders now! Experience one-of-a-kind and sustainable living with a high-quality tiny home designed and built by our team.

Early orders means you may have design input. Don't miss out!