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Portable Granny Flats

At Chill Mobile Apartments, we understand the importance of having a comfortable living space for your extended family. Our portable granny flats are the perfect solution for those looking for cost-effective and versatile living options.
Our modular homes are custom-made to match your preferences and needs. We prioritise a smooth experience for our clients, guiding you through the entire process from design to installation.

With our selection of customizable options, you may create a unique mobile home or granny flat that matches your personal taste.
Giving your loved ones a cosy and private area without the trouble and cost of traditional home extensions or renovations is possible with our portable buildings.

Trust Chill Mobile Apartments to provide a practical and reliable solution for your family's housing needs.


Crafting A Stylish Granny Flat on Wheels With No Permit Required

Discover the unparalleled convenience of our cutting-edge mobile granny flats, a visionary living solution that demands only a 3-day permit for relocation via a prime mover. Standout features include their ability to sidestep the cumbersome requirements of traditional permits or Development Applications (DA), thanks to innovative self-sufficient design.

Delve into the future of sustainable living with these flats, showcasing advanced incinerator toilets that effortlessly eliminate the need for black water systems. Moreover, their adaptability extends to overcoming environmental challenges, including the ability to withstand floods. Whether you're in tiny homes QLD, exploring the tiny house Victoria scene, or considering granny flats in the Northern Rivers, these units offer unmatched flexibility. Easily relocate them to higher ground when faced with an imminent flood, and seamlessly return them to their original location once the waters recede, all without bureaucratic hurdles. Embrace a living solution that not only meets your practical needs but also champions resilience and forward-thinking design.

No Permit Required

How Chill Mobile Apartments Stands Out

Chill Mobile Apartments simplifies the path to acquiring personalised, portable homes. Starting with a single modular home design, you have the freedom to tailor your layout to match your unique lifestyle.
Our mobile modules are 40% larger than traditional tiny houses, yet they cost the same. They are not typical granny flats on wheels; they offer abundant storage space and have no weight restrictions.

Plus, they come equipped with the latest smart home technology for a convenient and comfortable living experience.

Here's why partnering with us for your dream portable building is a smart decision:

Customization and Efficient Manufacturing

Customization and Efficient Manufacturing

In just a span of three months, we can bring your dream custom design to life, uniquely tailored to your lifestyle. Imagine experiencing the perfect living space precisely as you envisioned it.

For those seeking a quicker turnaround, our skilled team can have a unit ready in as little as four weeks.

seamless off-grid living

Seamless Off-Grid Living

Off-the-grid living is an appealing aspect of our movable granny flats on wheels. Modern solar systems and the best security measures are included with our mobile houses. This protects your space and lessens your environmental impact, all while enabling you to live a pleasant lifestyle.

Responsible Waste Management

Responsible Waste Management

We are dedicated to eco-friendly waste management, and we've taken significant steps to eliminate the need for traditional blackwater systems.

Additionally, our innovative features, such as the incinerating toilet, play a crucial role in fostering responsible and sustainable waste management practices.

Mobility and Flexible Parking

Mobility and Flexible Parking

Our mobile units provide convenient parking in diverse locations, offering unmatched mobility. With a truck licence, you can transport your home to permitted locations of your choice, expanding your adventure possibilities. Experience portable living without permits or regulations.

Portable Granny-Flats

Elevating Comfort and Versatility in Portable Granny Flats

Tiny homes and granny flats are gaining popularity for their ability to streamline daily life while providing the comfort of a traditional home.

Australians are seeking simpler living arrangements and warmly embracing these innovative spaces for their convenience and unique features.

Our dedication to bringing novel features to the tiny home industry is what distinguishes our products. These remarkable qualities include:

Two fully transformable bedrooms in the one-unit
Full-size bathroom with bathtub & transformable shower
Two drop-down decks to create an extra outdoor living space
Full-size spacious kitchen that would suit a five-bedroom home
High ceilings, 2.5m or 2.7m high

Crafting Your Dream Portable Granny Flat With Unparalleled Space Efficiency

Chill Mobile Apartments takes pride in our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier quality throughout every stage of construction. This ensures you receive a beautifully designed tiny home that optimizes every inch of available space.

Our mobile modules are carefully designed to maximize floor space. With three different lengths available (12.1m, 13.7m, and 14.9m), our mobile houses set a new standard for spatial efficiency.

What's more, these homes seamlessly integrate with any property, providing an affordable opportunity to own a space-efficient home.


A Range of Tiny Home Categories to Suit Your Lifestyle

Chill Mobile Apartments offers residential, commercial, and NDIS-customised tiny homes to fit your unique living needs. Our streamlined building process and commitment to using high-quality materials make owning a brand-new home just one step away.

Versatile Residential Tiny Homes

These tiny homes are perfect for individuals and families looking to simplify and downsize their lives. They offer practical and adaptable living spaces with modern amenities.

Whether you want a more efficient lifestyle or a conveniently located space, these homes are the ideal solution.

Innovative Commercial Tiny Homes

Our transportable homes can be customised to cater to various business applications, spanning retail spaces, mobile cafes, gyms, and worker accommodations.

This versatile solution is tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises, making it a versatile choice for your commercial pursuits.

Accessible Tiny Homes for All

We offer homes designed to foster independence and inclusivity, including those supported by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). These homes are individually tailored to meet personal requirements, enabling individuals to fully engage in all essential aspects of life.

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